• One-to-One Coaching Program
    This program was created to help you release any issue that might be holding you back and then assist you to move toward your objective(s).
  • Introduction to NLP
    This event is designed to provide you a basic knowledge about Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. This event will answer the question: Is NLP for you? Why not go (NLP Practice group) and check it for yourself...
  • ISCCW - Interpersonal Skills Corporate Coaching Workshop
    This program is designed and developed to help you and your organization to find and resolve present issues, improve performance and productivity as well as helping to achieve your goals and objectives.
  • RELCO(tm) Model
    Invented by Valdemar Dorigon, RELCO Model is a new selling methodology that enables organizations to improve critical capabilities and competences of their sales force.
    RELCO is a combinations of tools developed from an extensive research into the critical behaviours that result in high sales performance.
    Not published yet and at the moment available for business, only.

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